lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

Ode to Dave Thomas

Most people will not find this post interesting. In fact, I think about one person, in the whole wide world, will do so. And possibly he won't find the time to actually read it.

I attended speakers dinner at this years GOTO; conference in Aarhus. I did not speak at the conference nor was I part of the crew or an official track host. So you could argue that I shouldn't have. 

Anyway I did (thanks to Liv Beswick Skov). After a nice meal, the rest of the party was held in a kitchen / cantina. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone seemed to talk to anyone. 

At one point I observed that Dave Thomas started talking to a bunch of crew members. I liked the idea, that this Guru kind-of-guy talked to these young people. The party went on and I found a 23 year old (Rum) too good to mix with cola.

Dave is right in the middle of the picture. Crew folks typically in green.
About half an hour (seemed like hours) later, I realised, that it was as if 5 people had been frozen in the same position. Dave Thomas and the same bunch of young computer science students, that is. This stamina from an, how should I put it, grand old man proves to me, that he is more than just big words on a stage. He wants to influence young people and maybe even: he wants to make the world a better place.

Dave Thomas in the same position. At least one crew person repeated compared to picture above :-)

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