fredag den 23. september 2011

Google Dart interview

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On the 10th of October Lars Bak and Gilad Bracha will reveal the new and exciting Dart programming language for the web. This will be revealed in the opening keynote at the GOTO Aarhus 2011 International Developer Conference. After this interview I might get a chance at interviewing them about this subject and publish it on the GOTO Today Blog. Here is my draft brutto list of questions to ask - please help me add other exciting questions.

How will you sweet-talk other browser vendors?
Have other browser vendors already accepted to implement a Dart VM in their browsers?

Tool support
When will Brightly (the IDE for Dart and other web development) be released?

Language paradigm
Structural programming language - Why did you choose this programming paradigm? Why not the functional programming paradigm with its side-effect free programming? Or what about actor based programming like Scala, Erlang (Erjang) both paradigms are inherently designed for concurrency?

Language details
Where can I learn about the language details?
When you designed the language syntax and semantics, were you at any point disagreeing on what a particularly language construct should mean and/or expressed?

The language is optionally typed. This seems to be the type system of choice for new programming languages. But what about performance? Isn't easier to create a high performance VM with a statically typed language?

VM details
What about garbage collection - algorithm, memory management (heap, generations,???)

Why keep it a secret for so long? To create a hype about it? Or to gain a technical lead? Or ...?

Unrelated to Dart
What is your biggest aversion, if any, in modern software development?
What do you typically do when you're stuck with a computer science problem?
"Do no evil" is, I believe, the motto of Google. Is it possible for a large company, like google, to fulfill this motto.